We work with you to produce a truly substantive executive bio/cv when you are in the process of applying for a senior executive or management job. We explore your qualifications, experience, industry knowledge, functional areas of expertise and preferred cultural work environments. We can analyse a particular job specification and together we create a document highlighting your specific areas of compatibility and achievement. We then fine-tune the format and present it back to you in a professional finished document, that will best represent your particular skills and experience.

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"I was referred to Anne-Marie by a colleague, who had availed of her services. Initially, I thought my CV just needed a little tweaking, but I was gravely mistaken. Anne-Marie’s extensive experience is evident from the outset. She was very quick to identify the many shortcomings in my CV. Her expert questioning extracted an amount of important detail that had been omitted from my CV in an effort to squeeze thirty years of experience into two pages. The attention to detail and the alignment of my entire work experience resulted in a very comprehensive and succinct document. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne-Marie and her company to those in need of expert advice and guidance”
VP of European Operations