head of marketing in private equity case study


Executive Search Ireland was engaged to identify a Head of Marketing to spearhead the digital marketing plans and join a small and entrepreneurial team that invests in Irish and UK medium-sized SMEs and works with them to help them realise their growth plans. This role was pivotal for the Client and playing an integral part in overseeing the marketing agenda. The Client in question has a number of funds in the Irish market, which are proving extremely effective at investing in high-growth SME’s.


The client wished to work with a search partner who would ensure they received a bespoke service, tailored to their particular needs. Being a growth company, this was a key hire for them and they were invested in collaborating side by side with Executive Search Ireland in order to identify the very best fit for their organisation. The client retains Executive Search Ireland to carry out a search and present them with a robust shortlist of candidates who will fit their functional needs and organisational culture. Executive Search Ireland meets with the Co-Founders to gain a complete understanding of the role and its requirements, the plans for future growth and the necessary experience required to be successful in the role. 


Our researchers, all of whom have many years experience operating globally across sectors compiled a longlist of candidates from compatible & peripheral sectors. Subsequent to an in-depth briefing where objectives were agreed, the organisational culture evaluated and job specifications defined, incl. key responsibilities, career progression, reporting structures, salary & benefits, we determined a schedule and identified the initial target market. We sourced individuals with the requisite skills and subsequent to detailed qualification, thorough interviews highlighting academic, technical, professional and personal characteristics; we submitted our selected shortlist. 

Consequently and post a series of interviews with the Director and Co-Founders, during which time Executive Search Ireland provided ongoing consultancy & advisory and also participated in the interview process, in-depth reporting and analysis was carried out on each shortlisted candidate. The selection was made and the offer was extended, negotiated and advised on by Executive Search Ireland. 

Track record

Executive Search Ireland has a reputation for working in partnership with our clients whilst being experienced at identifying and approaching the most suitable individuals. We maintained confidentiality and guaranteed that a full market analysis was conducted, thus safeguarding the fact that potential candidates would not be overlooked and an exceptional person was secured for the role in question. 

Search Outcome

Once the appointment was made, the Client was exceptionally satisfied that the selected individual will carry out their responsibilities with the highest level of commitment during their career in the organisation.  

Candidate Coaching

Executive Search Ireland spends a significant amount of time with candidates before, during and after the process so that the client receives all of the required information and data on the candidate’s experience, skillset and mindset. Our approach is one of collaboration and facilitation. We have many years of experience ensuring all relevant information is accessed, practiced and presented in the most transparent and authentic way. The common goal is that the selected individual remains effective and successful in their role and makes a significant and immediate contribution to the organisation.

Client Advisory

Our approach is one of partnership. We engage in a meaningful way with our clients, understanding their need, advising them on their options and working with them to design the job requirements, positioning the seniority of the role and persisting in our search until such time as we find that ideal solution. Should the market conditions change along the way, we will advise them, if we need to amend the search criteria, we will inform them, should it make sense to increase/reduce the investment to secure that particular individual who will assist in the growth of their business, we will make that recommendation.

“Anne-Marie is different to 99% of Executive Search Consultants I have worked with in the past. She really gets underneath the existing business, strategy and culture before she even quotes for a job. She scouts the market excellently, compiles a list of candidates way beyond any we’ve previously experienced. She screens them excellently and any candidate presented is a real runner. We gave her a challenge we were not sure she could fill but she promised there is an ideal candidate for every role and she delivered.”